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www.calan-band.com The best folk band in Wales...and probably the world!

www.trac-cymru.org - For info on Welsh bands and musicians, etc.

www.freewebs.com/torfaen  - Torfaen Traditional Music. See also www.gwenttrad.bravehost.com  

www.crasdant.com - One of Wales' leading concert folk bands, with Huw Williams (member of Parsley Hay)

www.bbc.co.uk/wales/music/sites/traditional/  - BBC Traditional Welsh Music site, with links to accompany Huw Williams` radio series

www.bbc.co.uk/wales/southeast/listings - Folk Events in S. E. Wales.

www.welshfolkdance.org.uk  - Welsh Folk Dance Society

www.taplas.co.uk - Taplas. Welsh Folk Magazine

www.marcusmusic.co.uk - Traditional Music instrument online shop

www.gwylplant.org.uk  - Festival of Welsh folk dance for children, and teacher resource site

www.webfeet.org - Site for most folk bands in UK

www.myspace.com/calanfolk - Probably the best young folk band in Wales - ever!

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Community links

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www.rogorakhart.com - Dave Cox's band


www.penhowcommunity.org.uk - Penhow Community Group

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www.pontypoolrugby.co.uk - Pontypool Rugby Club -



"A big thank you to you and all the members of Parsley Hay for providing such great entertainment on Saturday evening - we all really enjoyed the party, although some of us dicovered we had two left feet!!!" - Castleoak

 "Enjoyed the band's show....last night. Wonderful music, wonderful entertainment, and just a great night...hugely enjoyable, fresh and individual every time" - Phil

"A wonderful time was had by all; much, much better than the usual obligatory disco" - Jane & Bruce

"Back by popular demand after their big success" - Torfaen Athletic Club (now Cwmbran Harriers)

"The band was excellent, and due to public demand we would like to book for next year" - Creigiau Scouts

"Barn dances are always popular here, and we shall certainly recommend 'Parsley Hay' - Gwent College