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1978 to the present day

Founding member Barry Butler wrote in 1987 - “The seed of the idea to form a ceilidh / twmpath band was sown in Oct 1977, when some caravanning friends suggested it would be a good idea to have one. I gathered local musicians from Isca Morris (Pete Clark, Colin Edmunds, Bob Gribble, Ian Lewis and Ken Hunt), and in March 1978 we played our first gig. The name “Parsley Hay” comes from Derbyshire, a pleasant hamlet in middle of nowhere. As that was the way we played, it seemed appropriate.”


There have been many changes to the line-up over the years, and amongst those who have graced the “Hay stage” have been - Huw Williams (Crasdant) & Tony Williams, Angharad Jones, Dean Ryan (Juice), Geoff Cripps (Allan yn y fan), Mike Lease, Jane Reynolds, the Kilbrides, and of course Barry & Rosemary Butler. Callers such as Rod Jones, Mike Hughes, Trevor Reynolds, Dave Parsons, Mark Elvins, Hilary Herbet, Ian Lewis and Adrian Foss have appeared with Parsley Hay.


The regular cast were Ken Hunt (electric violin & caller), Mike Collins (acoustic electric guitar) and Steve Allen (drum kit), with Dave Cox on bouzouki) as and when the venue dictates.


In 2015 Parsley Hay decided to take a break, due to work pressures. However, they missed the gigs, so Mike formed the Hay Band with Dave Cox and Meg Eliza Cox. Ken helped out at a few gigs, and after one particularly great gig, the band decided to merge Parsley Hay and the Hay Bands to form "The Hay Band'. Summer 2017 arrived, and now that Ken has retired he has taken on running the band, which has reverted to 'Parsley Hay', and has reformed as - Ken (electric violin and caller), Mike (electric bass guitar), and Josh Shankland (acoustic electric guitar)

What is a “Ceilidh”?

  Pronounced ‘kay-lee’ (from the Gaelic), it’s basically the same as a (Welsh) Twmpath or (English) Folk Dance (we are NOT a Country and Western type band).


     The Parsley Hay band will help you provide your own entertainment, during which the dancing and music is ususally split into 2 sessions, and with a break for food, drink or just a breather! We ask that dancers wear comfortable clothing and footwear, be prepared to have a laugh, and join in as often as the body (and mind) will allow.



     If your organisation has limited numbers or resources, then why not open the dance to the public (we know lots of people who like to come to our gigs), or join up with another group, and share the event (and the cost!).


     The Parsley Hay provide a PA for their own use, and we do require at least 2 x 13amp power points near the stage or performance area. We’re unable to operate without them!


     If you've never been to a ceildh/twmpath, but would like to see us 'in action' before booking, please contact us well in advance, and we'll see what can be arranged.


Your Memories

If anyone out there has any photos, videos or recordings of Parsley Hay Ceilidh band or The Hay Band, please forward them to us, and we'll include the best on our website photo page.

Even if you can't email them, then please let us know what format they're in, and we'll scan or convert them into digital format before returning them to you with a copy for your own use. Thanks.